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FAQ for nup

What is nup?

nup is the best way to connect with new people from campus and make new friends. We’re a social network that helps you connect with people from campus through live audio and text chat. We believe that audio gives people the opportunity to express themselves and open up by talking about different topics. Also, by joining  your campus Live Feed , you can discover what's going on at you campus everyday.

How do I create my profile?

You have to follow three steps:

1) Verify your .edu email. For safety reasons, we have to make sure that you are a college student.

2) Choose your nickname. Don't use your real one. Try to be more creative.

3) Customize your avatar.

You are ready! You have created your online college personality.

At nup, there are no public profiles with profile photos and followers. It's just your avatar 🙂 

How do I start a new audio show or a new chat?

To start a new audio room or a chat you need to collect some hearts. To collect hearts you have to get likes on your posts or start new Q&As. Then, just tap "+New", find a fun name and choose the category you want to talk about.​

For what things I can talk about through audio shows?

You can talk about everything! Do you like sports? Art? Gaming? Casual conversations or are you looking for a date or fun games? Maybe you want to talk about an experience or a life fact. Just open a room and let others join you. Imagine something like a live podcast.

How do I protect myself from annoying or offensive users?

nup is collaborating with "The hive", an AI service that moderates visual and text content. In this way, our algorithm protects you from offensive content. In addition, you can block users from their posts or chat. You can also report posts that you find annoying.

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