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Hey! Thanks for your interest! We are really happy to have you with us as an ambassador!

who we are

We are a new tech startup, founded by some college friends. Our vision is to build a platform that helps college students meet new people and make new friends. Our vision is to build a next-generation social media and that's why we secured our first financial round from a VC.

why we are different from other college apps

We are the first startup that combines anonymity, student excusivity and live audio. We strongly believe that audio-based group chats are a perfect way to express yourself and talk directly to other students around in order to build stronger connections. Imagine meeting and talking to some amazing people you would not have the chance to meet!

what do we need

Since this concept is new and unique, we are looking for some people to help us launch in their campus. We don't care about your previous experience. We really care about how creative you could be. We know that you are really busy with your college life so there is no time commitment. Just some tasks (like send the app to some friends or start a live audio room).

ambassador perks

  • experience for your future CV (we will give you a recommendation letter)

  • cool merch (when available)
  • chance to become early member in a new social media startup
  • priority when we are going to choose for some paid ambassadors  (next semester)
  • we are going to personally text you for new feature or ideas
Our you interested? Please subscribe and we will text you ASAP!

Thanks for submitting!

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